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House of Shemana

Embodywork Therapy

Embodywork Therapy

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Embodywork Therapy
Transformational Intuitive Bodywork that bridges deep release therapy with subtle energy work to support alignment with Self, Source and the Sacred.  Deeply replenishing and restorative to the structural & energetic bodies, this approach supports connection, alignment with the your innate capacity to heal, balance and reconnect to your personal journey.
TRIBAL - Deep Structural Release
VISCERAL - Abdominal & Pelvic Healing
TIDAL - Energetic Balance & Restoration
Align through therapeutic touch.
  • Warm SHEMANA activated oils support a deeply integrative experience
Lifestyle advice may be offered as part of your session.

Your skilful practitioner for this ritual is Ahren

If you can not find a session time, contact us for waitlist 0422 234 259

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Ahren is a Transformational & Intuitive Bodyworker who honours the connection between the physical, energetic, psycho-emotional & spiritual aspects of the embodied experience through his work. He weaves ancient wisdom with modern healing modalities to provide a safe space to reconnect, rebalance & restore.The core of Ahren’s offerings flow from over 20 years experience as a therapist & facilitator of Hawaiian Style Bodywork & Personal Development. He is dedicated to his own personal & professional evolution and has explored various approaches to holistic touch therapies such as Zenthai Shiatsu & Mayan Abdominal Therapy. In recent years, his sessions have become infused with qualities of Orthobionomy, Craniosacral Therapies & Da Xuan Daoist Cultivation practices, opening new opportunities to support the embodied inquiry, Ahren believes that our body's inherent intelligence, when given the invitation to reconnect with it’s own innate wisdom, will naturally move towards health & the integration of evolutionary experience that is so important at this time. I am honoured to share in the journey with you.Together we awaken our remembering.

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