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House of Shemana

Ancient- Mayan Abdominal Massage w. Cranio Fusion

Ancient- Mayan Abdominal Massage w. Cranio Fusion

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A deep ancient song meet and massaged by skilful hands. 

The ancient art of Mayan Abdominal Massage cared for your womb space, belly and organs with a tender rhythm to support healing and harmony to every level.

Infused with CranioSacral, this ritual listens to the fluid tide while releasing and nurturing the bones, muscles, organs and the heart story of each individual client. 

Enriched with Dream Oil and Ritual Face Serum, this luxurious presence is a gift that keeps giving. 

90 Minutes of table time. 

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Meet Oni,

Oni has traversed many realms of the bodymind. She practices the healing arts within the modalities of Visionary craniosacral work, Arvigo® Techniques of Maya abdominal Therapy, myofascial release and urogenital, visceral osteopathy Oni is passionate about healthy family nervous system networks. She specialises in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as well as craniosacral work for babies and children but her sessions are beneficial for any person at any age.

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