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MyoFascia CranioSacral

MyoFascia CranioSacral

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CranioSacral and deep tissue techniques combine to decalcify the body's network of fascia - an intricate web of collagen fibres that wrap around all major tissues beneath the skin, including muscles, bones, organs, and nerves.
Consistent pressure and persistent coaxing of tissues rehydrate and return mobility and fluidity to the previously well-hydrated connective tissue.
Standard or short session time available 
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Meet Steven, our Craniosacral Wizard!

Coming from a place of deep listening,
he works with the fluid tide within, from the subtlest oscillations of tissue rhythms all the way into deep Myofascial release, depending on what works best with your body and it's needs.
He is dedicated to making way for the genius of the moment to make its way into the room, for the innate intelligence of the body to be revealed and restored. Unwinding and integrating our bodies stories with longvlasting positive effect.
He has a background in Visionary Craniosacral, Myofascial release, Chi Gung, Lomi lomi, Kahuna, Biomechanics, Wim Hof and Functional movement.

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