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House of Shemana

PEARL VIP HOUSE MEMBERSHIP (12 x weekly + Recovery Ritual)

PEARL VIP HOUSE MEMBERSHIP (12 x weekly + Recovery Ritual)

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Welcome to your weekly space to pause and reset. 

This Membership package gives you, and / or your team a sacred space to recharge cleanse, luxuriate and relax.

Includes 1 x Recovery Ritual per week 

12 x ReSet Rituals. 


Our fully hosted Meditation Space features

- Reclining Chairs

- A Sensate Vagus Nerve Harmony Device set to 5Hertz vibrationally charged Meditations to reset the Nervous System

- BioLight Emitting Frequency Machine

- Warm Shemana Activated Teas

- Crystalline Mists and Resins from our range lovingly cleansing your field and Aura

- A Safe Still Space to process, grieve, meditate and luxuriate 


Dreamer Members also receive 20% off at House of Shemana

on all our Shemana Products, Massage, Bodywork Rituals and Packages, Tea Ceremonies, Live Sound Bowl Meditations, Temple Days and Training Programs (for up to 5 People. 

$250 per week. Sign Up Here

And then Book in your time here 

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