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House of Shemana

SILVER VIP HOUSE MEMBERSHIP (16 x weekly + 1 x Massage and Mist)

SILVER VIP HOUSE MEMBERSHIP (16 x weekly + 1 x Massage and Mist)

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Welcome to your weekly space to pause and reset. 

This Membership package gives you, and your team a sacred space to recharge cleanse, luxuriate and relax.

1 x weekly massage or craniosacral specialty. 

1 x Shemana Mist of choice and 

16 x ReSet Meditation Rituals 


Our fully hosted Meditation Space features

- Reclining Chairs

- A Sensate Vagus Nerve Harmony Device set to 5Hertz vibrationally charged Meditations to reset the Nervous System

- BioLight Emitting Frequency Machine

- Warm Shemana Activated Teas

- Crystalline Mists and Resins from our range lovingly cleansing your field and Aura

- A Safe Still Space to process, grieve, meditate and luxuriate 


As well as a weekly massage session.... Silver Members also receive 20% off at House of Shemana on all our Shemana Products, Massage, Bodywork Rituals and Packages, Tea Ceremonies, Live Sound Bowl Meditations, Temple Days and Training Programs (for up to 12 People.)

$340 per week. SIGN UP HERE

And then Book in your time here 

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