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Series 2 Ritual #3 The Alchemist

Series 2 Ritual #3 The Alchemist

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Series 1 Ritual #3 The Alchemist  

Create the Space to Align with this 90 minute full body Massage Ritual. Techniques of Holistic Pulsing and CranioSacral alignment welcome balance and ground to ignite a true direction from authentic self. 


"We ground through earth with this deep massage highlighted by Holistic Pulsing, and Cranio Sacral Techniques to optimise home within the body, and welcome surrender of breath by supporting a release to all tissues and anchor more of your true self .” 


By invitation or application, to apply contact us directly. For practitioners only, contact us to discuss your prerequisites. 


Each series enhanced with its own practitioner tool kit, a manual and a full day of hands on training


The Alchemist Ritual opens with holistic pulsing, Cranio Sacral alignment techniques and a divine elongated and deep Massage, welcoming integration and opening to the highest aspect of self grounding in body. 


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Anna Whiting

With over 25 years in the industry, Anna completed her facilitator training with Mette's Institute in 2007. And travelled the world assistant teaching the legendary Hugh Milne in Visionary CranioSacral Work.

After many years and mentoring hundreds of students, Anna has now launched her wellness space House of Shemana to complement the Elixir Creations of Shemana, her team are well versed in the healing arts and her Elixirs are supporting therapists all over the world to work with vibrational intention and sustainability with cleansing, awareness and skill.

one on one mentoring