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Mandara Collective

Temple of Dreams - Dates to be Announced

Temple of Dreams - Dates to be Announced

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Temple Therapeutics Masterclass

A deep fusion of cranial tide work + energetic elixir therapy + refined bone unwinding

Here we will explore the profound effect bodywork can have on accessing the dream body. craniosacral techniques to open the journey into long tide bliss states and bone alignment to access our epic cosmic selves. 

Using dream elixirs we will open the spaces between the everyday self and  the higher archetypes that align us to our potentials with ease. 

This is profoundly craniosacral, and will have effect on your state of consciousness. please allow time after class to integrate. 

A elixir dream kit will be gifted to each participant

Only for certified practitioners 

Our focus will be on the facial bones, tmj and palate. 

Contact us for our next dates 

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A sacred space of healing, learning and self nourishment