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House of Shemana

Temple of TARA ++ Shemana Spa Ritual Training #1

Temple of TARA ++ Shemana Spa Ritual Training #1

Enhance your sessions, clinic and team with this beautiful addition of Shemana Elixirs, Sacred Space Creation + Open and Closing Rituals to create an embodiment of clarity and sustainability. 

This 3 hour training can be taken in house, or at your space - see facilitator fees for more info. Tara Elixir Package must be purchased before training can be booked. 



To order and see Wholesale Prices - you will need to be approved as a Shemana Partner. 

A select range of Shemana Elixirs to clear space swiftly and easily, cleanse clients and support your team. TARA is a temple of clarity and embodiment. 

 - Crystal Clear Mists - clearing space and opening sessions.

- Heart Oils - enhance your massages with this luxury bestselling oil, added home care rituals for customers

- PaloSanto - Sustainably sourced - clearing the clients, therapists and rooms

- Ritual Face Serum - face and neck massage

- Heart Mists - emotional support, aura and atmosphere spray for love and healing


12 wholesale + 2 free for clinic use / testers ++ 

(follow up order 4 of each + 1 free)


Training is 3 hours in House or at your Clinic. See Facilitator Rates 

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Initial orders and follow up elixir packages to provide this Ritual and become a Shemana Partner

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