Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

I thought it was just me! 

a hurricane looming off the coast of Hawaii, a storm surge warning and we find our mermaid clan heading to the volcano to rest in the sweet cabin of our first Ballet Teacher. 

But as i return and synchronistically move house while planning the launch of our new products, it seems the storm surge is an energetic force, and the hurricane is a perfect description of the powerful chaos that is allowing the quick shifts and changes. 


With sacred minutes to support self care i have seven 2 minute rituals to share with you that allow a connection to potential states and a riding the flow practise to create ease. 




1. Water the plants. 

take your fav big jug and as you fill it with water connect to the element within yourself. what type of water way are you today? welcome the water element to settle into a flowing river and as you water your plants allow the abundance of clean water to purify your internal perspective. 


2. Sage the house. 

where frantic energy sits so does a charge. so light some sage and feather the corners of your home. allow a shifting of space to create clarity. 


3. Freshen / Create your altar. 

a little table with some sacred objects... flowers, candles pictures. keep it clean and freshen it each day. allow a moment to breath each time you see your special altar space. Even place a cushion and sit here when you get a couple of minutes. Breath! 


4. Savasana

Gentle mist yourself with Savasana spray and take some moments to welcome awakened surrender. Before cooking so you may enjoy the process, before decision making so they don't feel like such a task, at the end of the work day so you can be present and relaxed with the fam xx


5. Silky skin

After shower and before you towel off, apply some Alchemy or Heart Oil all over your body, the wetness on your skin allows for quick absorption and easy application. 


6. Make tea

Have a slow infusion on the go for the afternoon, gentle settle into the warmth each sip creates and allow conscious connection to the sensations of presence before movement.


7. Stretch 

Before every meal, take a few deep breaths and stretch your body, invite a moment to connect to your physical being, nourish it with deep inhales and expand your awareness of self.


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