Shemana was established in 2013 by Anna And Jaymie.Their passion for bringing sacred space, rituals and intentions into a daily practise, Inspired their creation of this Byron Bay Skincare Elixir Company. 

During the Northern Rivers floods earlier this year, they set up a pop up recovery centre to support the local volunteers. Gathering an amazing team of bodyworkers to massage, and reset as many nervous systems as possible.This brought worlds together as Anna's Team of Mandara Trainers fused their magic into the world, with this portal open they found a temple ... and House of Shemana was brought into being.

"Shemana's Wellness Space for Massage, KaHuna, Meditation, CranioSacral, Rituals of Bodywork, Mandara Trainings, & Sacred Events."

The House of Shemana Team includes Masterful Bodyworkers, Teachers and Elixir Makers - We would love to Introduce you to them here

Anna Whiting

Our Team

man uses cranio sacral on a womans head


Meet Steven, our Craniosacral Wizard! 
Coming from a place of deep listening, he works with the fluid tide within, from the subtlest oscillations of tissue rhythms all the way into deep Myofascial release, depending on what works best with your body and it's needs.
He is dedicated to making way for the genius of the moment to make its way into the room, for the innate intelligence of the body to be revealed and restored. Unwinding and integrating our bodies stories with longvlasting positive effect.

He has a background in Visionary Craniosacral, Myofascial release, Chi Gung, Lomi lomi, Kahuna, Biomechanics, Wim Hof and Functional movement.


His rituals are Mandara massage, dreambody craniosacral, Myofascia cranio


Introducing Margot Lees - Travelling through many countries, meeting beautiful indiginous healers & receiving different forms of their therapies along the way, has shaped Margot’s unique practice.

Her training includes Remedial massage, Reflexology & Heartworks Lomi Lomi.Her integrity and passion to the healing arts inspires her continued studies in CranioSacral, Hypnotherapy & NLP.

With a dedication for self-care rituals and acceptance of self, Margot allows a sense of comfort and grounding, welcoming a care to every aspect of self.


her rituals are surrender and deep tissue - health fund rebates available


The quest for knowledge in Chinese medicine gave Lihyan a new lens of seeing health and diseases in a better perspective. The depth of its healing modality that focuses on the root cause of the disharmony that manifested the illness is fascinating. Her Taoist Chinese medicine training opens a new door of knowledge in bridging the healing of spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of dis-ease. She then further explored the spirit function of the acupuncture point which then lead her into further training in esoteric acupuncture, five elements, I-ching, and eight extraordinary acupuncture which are found to be very useful in psycho-emotional disorders and assisting individuals in their spiritual path.  


Lihyan's rituals are Acupuncture and Beauty Acupuncture


Our divine temple priestess brings so much care and sacred heart to our team. With a strong background in Zenthai Shiatsu and Yin Yoga, her passion for daily practise and self care is in complete dedication. Her presence highlights every session with sacred care and connection.

Offering both her mastery in Zenthai floor work and also a primary practitioner in our own Shemana Signature Style: fluid and deep ritual massage that supports the nervous system and alignment into deep surrender.

Her touch has highlights of deep grounding and the presence that nourishes in all her offerings - from earth and cloud to our Spa Package x

In her sessions she encourages clients to work with their breath. Each one of these sessions is a co-creation, a dance between the client and the therapist.

Spa Package

Samantha Neal

Women’s tea ceremony is every Friday Morning from 6:30 - 7:45 in the temple room at House of Shemana.

A practice in Cha Dao, or the Way of Tea, is a tradition originating from Indigenous Chinese lineage. Tea Herself is a supreme plant teacher and nature spirit. When received in this way, Tea offers us a reminder of our innate connection with nature, and the preciousness of each lived moment.

Bookings open every Tuesday. If you would like to be notified first, as well as receive weekly reflections on tea and practice, please email Samantha at

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