Shemana was established in 2013 by Anna And Jaymie.Their passion for bringing sacred space, rituals and intentions into a daily practise, Inspired their creation of this Byron Bay Skincare Elixir Company. 

During the Northern Rivers floods earlier this year, they set up a pop up recovery centre to support the local volunteers. Gathering an amazing team of bodyworkers to massage, and reset as many nervous systems as possible.This brought worlds together as Anna's Team of Mandara Trainers fused their magic into the world, with this portal open they found a temple ... and House of Shemana was brought into being.

"Shemana's Wellness Space for Massage, KaHuna, Meditation, CranioSacral, Rituals of Bodywork, Mandara Trainings, & Sacred Events."

The House of Shemana Team includes Masterful Bodyworkers, Teachers and Elixir Makers - We would love to Introduce you to them here

Our Team


Ahren is a Transformational & Intuitive Bodyworker who honours the connection between the physical, energetic, psycho-emotional & spiritual aspects of the embodied experience through his work.

He weaves ancient wisdom with modern healing modalities to provide a safe space to reconnect, rebalance & restore. The core of Ahren’s offerings flow from over 20 years experience as a therapist & facilitator of Hawaiian Style Bodywork & Personal Development.

He is dedicated to his own personal & professional evolution and has explored various approaches to holistic touch therapies such as Zenthai Shiatsu & Mayan Abdominal Therapy. In recent years, his sessions have become infused with qualities of Orthobionomy, Craniosacral Therapies & Da Xuan Daoist Cultivation practices, opening new opportunities to support the embodied inquiry, Ahren believes that our body's inherent intelligence, when given the invitation to reconnect with it’s own innate wisdom, will naturally move towards health & the integration of evolutionary experience that is so important at this time.

I am honoured to share in the journey with you.

Together we awaken our remembering.


Facilitating Heartworks Lomi Lomi October 14- 16


Samaya is an intuitive, exuberant and experienced practitioner who creates a safe space to honour & deeply listen to the physical, emotional & energetic layers of your being.Sam works from a foundation of over 19yrs of teaching Yoga, facilitating & practicing Hawaiian Style Bodywork & Personal Development. 

Sessions with Sam are a unique fusion of many practices & trainings with immersions over the years in Sacred Feminine Work, Tigress Yoga, Craniosacral therapy, Zenthai Flow, Ritual, Prayer, Elemental Connection & Embodiment Practice.Sam believes that health and well-being is developed through the cultivation of compassionate conversation with the body-mind, spirit and heart.

This is the space I wish to meet you from, to remind you of your innate connection ~ to feel radically at home in your own skin to support vital embodiment & empowerment.

MEDICINE Massage Ritual

Facilitating Heartworks Lomi oct + Movement medicine Immersions too!


Meet Steven, our Craniosacral Wizard! 
Coming from a place of deep listening, he works with the fluid tide within, from the subtlest oscillations of tissue rhythms all the way into deep Myofascial release, depending on what works best with your body and it's needs.
He is dedicated to making way for the genius of the moment to make its way into the room, for the innate intelligence of the body to be revealed and restored. Unwinding and integrating our bodies stories with longvlasting positive effect.

He has a background in Visionary Craniosacral, Myofascial release, Chi Gung, Lomi lomi, Kahuna, Biomechanics, Wim Hof and Functional movement.


Facilitating Chi Gung + Mandara training


Introducing Margot Lees - Travelling through many countries, meeting beautiful indiginous healers & receiving different forms of their therapies along the way, has shaped Margot’s unique practice.

Her training includes Remedial massage, Reflexology & Heartworks Lomi Lomi.Her integrity and passion to the healing arts inspires her continued studies in CranioSacral, Hypnotherapy & NLP.

With a dedication for self-care rituals and acceptance of self, Margot allows a sense of comfort and grounding, welcoming a care to every aspect of self.



A multidimensional alchemist, artist and yoga teacher, With many years of Lomi Lomi practise, teaching and running luxurious pampering retreats. Rebecca is the Head of Manufacturinghere at Shemana, and when she isn't passionately bottling vibrational elixirs, we are lucky enough to have her during magic into the treatment spaces. Her training includes Ayurvedic skincare and facials, advanced Heartworks Lomi, Hot Stone Massage, Holistic Pulsing Reiki Masters, Ryoho Yoga and Shiatsu. Fused together into a luscious Lomi Massage of energetic nurturing and grace.

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Oni has traversed many realms of the bodymind. She practices the healing arts within the modalities of Visionary craniosacral work, Arvigo® Techniques of Maya abdominal Therapy, myofascial release and urogenital, visceral osteopathy Oni is passionate about healthy family nervous system networks. She specialises in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as well as craniosacral work for babies and children but her sessions are beneficial for any person at any age.

ANCIENT Massage Ritual