Welcome to the Feminine Warrior

Welcome to the Feminine Warrior

What gives us the inner strength that the Hawaiians call "Mana"?

This innate empowerment drawn from our ancient centering is fueled by integrity and authenticity. Being in our truth and nourishing our selves on all levels.

As imperfect Humans we all have stories that we can either hide or we can own.

So here is an invitation to step from behind or in front of yourself, look into the mirror and honour who you are in this moment, for all that you are. Gaze into your eyes, the windows to your soul, and find the compassion that sees the clear reflection of who you are this day. 

Stand strong in your own self and breath deep, eminating from within, own your story and let all that you are add power to your knowing, for it is your journey that has created your wisdom. 


Welcome the Ancient archetype of the Sacred Warrior! 

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