Sunrise Ritual

Sunrise Ritual

Find a place to connect to the elements, outside if you have comfortable access, otherwise in sacred indoor space. 

Begin with a deep connecting meditation to drop into your sacred zone. 

Greet the sun with open arms and as you stretch feel your heart centre expanding,

the heart meridian (energy line in the body) travels out from your heart to little fingers.

Feel that line activate with your awareness and breath, until your mindfullness and heart are in complete alignment. 

Welcome the warm glow of the sun to be received with the tides of your breath and open the spaces within your body.  

Allow your breath to soften your belly and especially the space around your solar plexus chakra - below your breastbone. 

Visualise the internal sun of your solar plexus, and as you inhale allow it's glow to increase: expanding its fire and light in all directions. As you exhale let your body melt into the warmth. 
... And .... inhale the sun to expand light within. 
Continue until the glow from your core radiates beyond your body and your light source is topped up to the fullest. 

Anchor through your feet with a mist of choice, shaman would be my preference here. And drink a litre of water to purify. 
When you shower this morning let any ripples of tension wash down the drain and smoother your beautiful skin with Alchemy Oil, if you have it, as its Solar Infusion with 24K Gold welcomes transmutation on all levels. If not, use an oil of your preference with clear intention and presence.  


Welcome this new day, as a new cycle with a glowing and radiant self. 

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