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Experience the Ancient Art of pins, infused with Shemana's elixir enhancements in this beautiful ritual for your meridian health.We are delighted to have Lihyan here supporting your balance and wellbeing with her temple-style Body Acupuncture 

Esoteric Acupuncture 

This powerful form of acupuncture combines traditional Chinese medicine with a modern understanding of the human energy field to create a unique and transformative healing experience. By working with the subtle energy systems of the body, esoteric acupuncture allows you to access deeper levels of awareness and spiritual growth. 

Deluxe  Beauty Acupuncture 90min  $195 

Beauty acupuncture covers more than just facial rejuvenation acupuncture but also works with a patient's underlying medical condition to improve physical outlook and psycho-emotional health. A tailored approach that focuses on both external outlook and internal health to allow the natural beauty to shine from the inside out. 

A touch of extra luxury is added to our beauty acupuncture ritual to enhance the beauty acupuncture treatment. Facial Gua Sha is utilized to stimulate the acupressure point and invigorate the qi and blood flow to the face. A herbal mask is also incorporated into this treatment and finished off with a nourishing head massage.  

We look forward to welcoming you to your Acupuncture Ritual with Liyhan. Below are session times available on Lihyan's days - Tuesdays and Saturdays. To book, click the box of the variant you would like below, and follow the prompts to book your time.

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Meet Lihyan
The quest for knowledge in Chinese medicine gave Lihyan a new lens of seeing health and diseases in a better perspective. The depth of its healing modality that focuses on the root cause of the disharmony that manifested the illness is fascinating. Her Taoist Chinese medicine training opens a new door of knowledge in bridging the healing of spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of dis-ease. She then further explored the spirit function of the acupuncture point which then lead her into further training in esoteric acupuncture, five elements, I-ching, and eight extraordinary acupuncture which are found to be very useful in psycho-emotional disorders and assisting individuals in their spiritual path.  
 Being an expert in both western and eastern medical industry for more than a decade as a Pharmacist, Integrative Beauty Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Doctor, and Acupuncturist, Lihyan also provide integrative chinese medicine herbal consultation in assisting  patients to  supplement the body constitution for health optimization. 
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