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House of Shemana

Earth & Clouds - Foot Bath, Shiatsu & ReSet Ritual

Earth & Clouds - Foot Bath, Shiatsu & ReSet Ritual

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A 30 mins ritual to invoke grounded elation.  Starting with an Incredibly soothing & relaxing foot bath in warm water with a choice of Shemana mineral bath salts, crystalline mists, and smudging resins. 

This 10-minute foot bath is enhanced with a gentle foot massage and shiatsu techniques while soaking in warm water and listening to meditative music. Followed by 20 minutes of laying down in savasana and receiving the magical calming effects of our nervous system support tool the Sensate, while the earth points are activated by skillful Zenthai shiatsu. 

The combination of shiatsu bodywork and magnesium salts results in full body relaxation, release of toxins, and deeply calming effects on your nervous system. 

This ritual invites a full body grounding to a relaxed earth state as if you were floating on a cloud. 

Stand-alone treatment or a perfect added extra to another ritual. 

We look forward to welcoming you to your Earth & Cloud,  Below are session times available To book, click the box of the variant you would like below, and follow the prompts to book your time.

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