Shemana's Master Trainers

Anna Whiting - Mentor and Creator of our Therapeutic Training + Co Creator of Shemana Elixirs


A magic believer, seeker of knowledge and hope dealer. She has been called a pioneer in the Healing Arts Industry for merging the fluid tide work of Cranio Sacral with the dynamic flow of KaHuna Bodywork, Anna's wealth of knowledge has been influenced by many of the great bodyworkers of our time. Her bridge of ancient wisdoms with modern alchemy has forged the creations of spa rituals, treatment tools, retreat trainings and elixir enhancements. 

After graduating from natural medicine school, with 2 diplomas and a post graduate study in CranioSacral Therapy, Anna quickly traveled over to California to begin her apprenticeship with Hugh Milne in Visionary Cranio Sacral Work. During her ten years by his side, she trained, assistant taught and also brought his work to Australian shores.
Alongside the stillness work of visionary, she also immersed in the powerfully dynamic world of KaHauna Massage and sought to train hundreds of students in the art of Heartworks Lomi Lomi through Mette's Institute and is a proud accredited facilitator of this work. 

Anna's resume over these past 20 years in the industry have included writing spa menus and retreat intensives, managing day spas and staff training immersions, powering through an abundance of sessions on intensive yoga retreats in mexico and in the USA, writing spa modalities for TAFE Australia, spa consulting in LA, receiving the advanced Lomi download from Mette’s Institute, and college teaching program for Australian Bush Flower Essences, writing the signature treatment and training the amazing staff at the Byron @ Byron Spa. Training upgrades with Thomas Myers, Shiva Rea, And Jaqueline Bushell. 

Recently her co creation ventures with the master mind Jaymie Medlyn have taken the coding of healing at tables and workshops into the bottles of divine sacred skincare, birthing the magic that is Shemana Elixirs. 
Fusing all these paradigms together, Mandara has now been birthed into being.... welcoming the alchemy of ancient healing modalities with modern anatomical understanding and cutting edge wellness warrior work.

”We welcome fluid tide work to merge with dynamic massage techniques and combine deep rituals of sacred codes and crystalline elixirs to enhance potential + alignment on all levels.”






Patrice Corrie “The Art of Visioning” 

Patrice’s training began with a Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology and Health Sciences which gave her a solid base of coaching techniques, a knowledge of meridian systems and the connection between mind, soul and body.

From there she went on to study elements of naturopathy, homeopathy, astrology and reiki, inspired by a desire to understand the whole picture of healing.

Exploring the body’s unique dance led to trainings in Ka’huna and Lomi lomi massage as well as Personal training, pilates and yoga.  

The final piece for Patrice fell into place through brainwave training which forms the basis of her work and teaching.

Patrice teaches students how to vision and cultivate presence through consciously cultivating the theta, alpha and delta states of awareness.

As a teacher, much of her work centres around “normalising” our perception of the sixth and seven senses of intuition and our ability to access the higher mind, as well as grounding and embodying that work through taking inspired action.

Ever a student of life, she lives and teaches

To “set life on fire”

Seek the pure desires of truth.

Expand with life in every breath.

And release our limitations

So we may open to life.

And embrace our Wild Magnificence

with Embolded Hearts!