Chi Gung

Chi Gung is the practice of cultivating life force energy (Chi) by working with intention (Gung) to sense, interact, and focus it.

In a sense, we are constantly performing Chi Gung; our awareness of this process determines the depth and potency of this cultivation.

The first crucial step in Chi Gung is to realise the truth of our situation,

that we are multi-dimensional beings embedded in a multi-layered field of energy.

Over time we have developed a plethora of idioms, religions, arts, shamanic practices, spirituality and sciences to explore and express this reality. It is common knowledge that theoretical physics has found that the ancient understanding of "Chi" as the ground of our existence is true.

Most commonly referred to as the quantum field. There are many references to this self generating self effulgent balancing of expansive and contracting forces that permeates all matter atomic and sub atomic level and how things behave depending on who is looking at it.   

Chi-Gung was my initiation into this deeper learning and embodiment, so I have chosen to represent my understanding through this practice and nomenclature. 

The Yin Yang symbols' primary meaning is a 2-dimensional representation of the toroidal field we find ourselves embedded within, bridging our relationship with the animating life force or energetic field.

The secondary meaning is the play of opposing forces or polarities.Light and dark, hot and cold, masculine and feminine, up and down, add Infinitum. Our collective history is rich with stories of the dance between these polarities. 

The practice of Chi-Gung begins when we connect these perceived polarities and embrace our situation through embodiment.

The practice itself resolves the seemingly absurd notion that we must first wholeheartedly believe we are connected to the field to be able to prove it to ourselves through the practice effectively. Chi-Gung rewards optimism.

In this way, gravity becomes our friend, and we can use it to deepen our connection to the upward force that comes from within our field.

Our breath becomes a tool to focus our mind and body, while sound brings more presence and focus to the field.

Practically every culture has traditional movements synchronised with breath and sounds. These are all forms of Chi-Gung. What makes it most effective is when it is done daily and occasionally in groups to increase the potency of the practice and the refinement of techniques.It is most potent when these people have practised for long enough and embodied Chi Gung.

Chi Gung continues to evolve as we do, but the more you get involved in its various forms, the more you understand.

What begins as discovery becomes a sense of  remembering or returning home.


To learn simple techniques and practice in a group setting, come to The House of Shemana.


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Steven has trained with some of the most highly regarded masters in the art of Chi-Gung. He brings his favourite easy-to-learn techniques to share, emphasising posture, biomechanics and attention to intention and making the most of our potential in this human form we inhabit.