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eartHEARTearth yoga is a potent embodiment exploration..  


Together we explore multiple dimensions of Self through the gateways of the body and breath. Honouring & acknowledging the animal body, emotional body, tension, pain and resistance through fluid asana within the four main phases of this practice. Embodiment is the vessel that awakens us to life, and so we inhabit, to fuel our hearts desire for love to recognise itself.

Movement Medicine Yoga

'Experience your Essence'

5 week Introduction

29th July - 26th August
9:30am - 11am

( no class 22nd July )

Introductory Special
$ 30 ~ casual
$130 ~ 5 classes

{ intimate numbers, booking essential }

Movement Medicine
'Embody your Essence'

commencing New Moon
5 week Immersion*

2nd Sept - 30th Sept 
9:30am - 11am

your Investment

{ intimate numbers, booking essential }
* this is a closed group, no casual classes






Learn Vedic Meditation with Anne Durham

Learn a simple effortless technique which drastically reduces stress & expands your awareness, making it the stable foundation for all other House of Being offerings.

Housed in a beautiful new purpose built meditation space, dive deep into Vedic Meditation over this evening/weekend course designed to fit in after hours. 

How the VM technique works

Vedic Meditation uses a mantra (a short Sanskrit sound) that’s uttered silently inside the mind in a specific manner. This effortless repition of the mantra naturally lulls the mind beyond thought to a place of deep rest, allowing layers of deep rooted stress, fatigue & conditioning to efficiently be released.


The benefits

The benefits of Vedic Meditation are undeniable, all you need to do is chat to a meditator find out how it’s created a positive shift on every aspect of their life.


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